Evaluation of the effect of a phenolic extract of murtilla on the spread and aggregation of huntingtin in the brain of Drosophila melanogaster. Researcher: Gonzalo Olivares Associated with Rene Vidal. FONDAP 15150012; Universidad Mayor

Study of the epiboly process where deep cells (which do not form a cell layer) move associated with the layer of enveloping polygonal cells (EVL) and then migrate to form the embryo in a re-aggregate of cells. They are marked by first injecting mRNA of nuclear RFP and gap43- GFP membrane. Ring project; Dr. Miguel Concha; University of Chile

Study of the distribution of fluorescent Vibrio anguillarum in the tract of zebrafish larvae, to evaluate the effect of probiotic yeasts and microorganisms of the fish microbiota. Fondecyt; Dr. Paola Navarrete; University of Chile.

Thesis of the Doctoral Program in Neurobiology: “Aging-associated H3K9 trimethylation reduces the mitochondrial unfolded protein response capacity leading to neurodegeneration and functional impairment of the olfactory system in Drosophila”. Francisco Muñoz; Student of the Doctoral Program in Neurobiology; Universidad Mayor.

Evolution of embryonic musculature in birds and its skeletal consequences. Dr. Alexander Vargas in partnership with Dr. Daniela Flores; Fondecyt 1190891; University of Chile.

Zebrafish embryo of 72 hpf, immunofluorescence against tubulin acetylated in red, in green neural progenitors. FONDECYT REGULAR project 1211508; Dr. Leonardo Valdivia; Universidad Mayor.